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About Us

Guerrilla Straps is an innovative vape holster company established in the summer of 2015. Going beyond the traditional pouches and carrying cases, Guerrilla Straps has revolutionized the way the vaper carries his or her arsenal of vape products. It began with an idea and a thought. Two guys running a vape shop, feeling trapped within the confines of the brick and mortar, needed a change. So goes the saying, “Change is good”. Indeed. Without the restrictions of the shop, the two men set out to unleash Guerilla Straps to the masses. Lex has a background in computer science and information technology and is an avid vaper. He’s the man behind the beautiful website designs and brainchild of the Guerilla Straps design. Thom adds in the added details of the site and design options and has been an avid vaper for 3+ years after smoking 20+ years. Together they have built a foundation for which Guerrilla Straps stands upon.

     The holster designs went through several trial and error phases until a marketable prototype was produced. Not being limited to body movement and restraints, Guerilla Straps allows the vaper to carry his or her device and bottles with ease. We wanted to produce a product that was not only appealing to the eye, but also versatile and easy to carry. We made something that we would proudly wear ourselves. If we didn’t like it, chances are you wouldn’t like it. Guerrilla Straps is for the vapers, made by vapers.