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Black Guerrilla Belt Holster / Pouch Clip

Guerrilla Straps

Guerrilla Clip, an easier way to hold your box mods or Mech Mods. Save room in your pockets, with the G-Clip, be confident knowing your mods are secured by your side. 

Product Details

  • Holds Either Tube Mods or Box Mods
  • Full Grain Leather
  • Hand-Cut
  • Holds Most Box Mods On the Market
  • Magnetic Snap Cover Will Secure Your Box Mods
  • Different size straps for different size mods

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Not a bad little piece of kit

    Could use a few upgrades, but for the most part it’s perfect.

    10/10 leather craftsmanship
    High quality leather also.

    Could use an optional strap of some kind to go across the chest, would help with holding the pouches in position... much like you see on a gun holster...
    The little clips on the back could be tighter, magnets are working fine atm.
    (Double chest holster)

    Pretty good little holster.

    This is for the Black Guerrilla Holster/ Pouch Clip. Much better upscale materials, etc. than their competition. Great leather, great construction, not going to fall apart on you. It could use something though. I found that my hefty Smok mod caused it to lean out away from my hip, (it hits my forearm when I'm walking). Probably could use some kind of stiffener material or placement of the clip to prevent that. Also, and this may just be in my case, my mod is kinda big so there is no room for the eliquid bottle to fit in the holster too. One last small thing, both the snap on the inside and the magnet on the outside are fairly weak and need upgrades. Don't rely on those to hold your mod in if you get a little too gymnastic while carrying. I'd recommend it though. Pretty good company too, they ship really fast. If they stiffen it up so it doesn't lean away then I'll buy another. (if I hear about the up grade that is.)

    Awesome product!

    Really wasn't expecting what i received! This product is very well made and durable.
    I was very pleasantly surprised when I unwrapped it to realize the available options in straps.
    I would recommend this product to anyone interested in a very good product, unmatched by most I've seen, to carry their vape mods/supplies.
    I look forward to doing business with these people in the near future!
    Thank you for what you are doing here!

    Holster for e-cig machine

    I ordered a black holster however I received a brown one. It also cost me more for postage then what the holster cost.

    Belt clip

    I love my clip it works great for when I don't wanna wear the straps and it fits my gx350 perfectly.