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Green Flannel G-Pouch flannel and Leather Vape Holster / Pouch

Guerrilla Straps

The ultimate vape companion. Don't leave home with out it. The G-pouch can easily become a vaper's daily carry. Easily holds box mods, mech mods,  60ml, 120ml juice bottles. All together comfortably.  

With our easy belt clip. you'll have easy access to your G-pouch as you can clip and unclip the pouch. 

Created with a combination of high-quality leather and canvas material. You'll never need any other pouches again. 

Product Details

  • Full Grain Leather with Strong canvas material
  • Pouch Can Hold A Combination Of, eJuice Bottles, Batteries, Cotton, Wire, Car Keys, Money etc
  • Adjustable Straps, Allow The Holster To Be Worn With Any Body Type Comfortably

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Awesome Bag for Travels

    I got this for carrying extra vape gear while I travel and I have to say I so impressed with the quality and construction of this bag. It fits a mod, eliquids and batteries and a bit of extras if I need it. I can hook it to my purse handle or backpack depending on the situation. I love the color and the combination of felting and leather it's just gorgeous and durable. It's labeled for cameras and would work excellent for that but I use it for my gear and I would 100% recommend it for anyone needing a bit more room than the normal straps have.
    Thanks for a beautiful high quality product!!!

    Juicin With Jenn

    Best Buddy ever

    The part is absolutely awesome. I use the bag daily and it has become a reliable companion. Everything I need fits in and is protected safely. Even my expensive Mech Mods