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Black Guerrilla Version 2 - Leather Vape Holster / Pouch

Guerrilla Straps

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Each Guerrilla Holster Strap is created from high-quality full grain leather, hand cut to give each that personal feel. Adjustable straps allow each Guerrilla Holster Strap to be worn with any body type comfortably. Our unique designs will allow you to carry most box mods, as well as ejuice bottles and batteries. Feel and look good while vaping. ( Box Mod Not Included

Product Details

  • Holds Either Tube Mods or Box Mods
  • 2 tubes mods at the same time
  • 2 Box mods at the same time
  • combination of Tube Mods and Box Mods
  • Full Grain Leather
  • Hand Cut
  • Holds Most Box Mods On the Market
  • Pouch Holds Up To 3 15ml Bottles or 2 30ml Bottles
  • Pouch Can Hold A Combination Of, eJuice Bottles, Batteries, Cotton, Wire, Car Keys, Money etc
  • Magnetic Snap Cover Will Secure Your Box Mods, And Your eJuice Bottles  
  • Adjustable Straps, Allow The Holster To Be Worn With Any Body Type Comfortably

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