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Brown Guerrilla Belt Holster / Pouch Clip

Guerrilla Straps

Guerrilla Clip, an easier way to hold your box mods or Mech Mods. Save room in your pockets, with the G-Clip, be confident knowing your mods are secured by your side. 

Product Details

  • Holds Either Tube Mods or Box Mods
  • Full Grain Leather
  • Hand-Cut
  • Holds Most Box Mods On the Market
  • Magnetic Snap Cover Will Secure Your Box Mods
  • Different size straps for different size mods

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Handmade leather holster, yes please

    Ok, so I love leather. That cought my attention, first. The look, color and functionality, came next. It is a tad bulky for work, but it worked great. I took my NATO mech and a juice bottle. The holster came with different size straps, which is cool. I chose one and headed out. No issues with belt clip, and everything stayed in place.

    Almost outstanding.... Almost

    This pouch is very well put together. The clip seems pretty secure with a decent rivot. The strap has a strong enough magnet to keep it closed, however the snap in the back is extremely weak. Half the time I undo the magnet, the strap just comes off in my hand. This is true with all three straps provided. It just barely grabs when snapped on, and takes almost no effort at all for the strap to just fall off. It's a wonder I haven't lost a strap yet. I don't use the strap anymore since I'm afraid I will lose it, so my box mod isn't being held in, but I spend so little time hanging upside down, I really don't miss it. Get a stronger holding snap and this would be 5 star. Too late for me but maybe you'll have happier future customers, especially at the price point these sell for.

    Guerrilla stray

    Concerned with the magnets. Don't seem to keep strap closed.


    I have two mods that I regularly use. A smok g-priv and an ijoy rdta mod. They both fit perfectly. I mean absolutely perfect. Now with those larger mod the case won't fit a bottle. My only gripe. But I get a ton of complements about it. I love it. I seriously do. It fits perfect. I looks good and I get to carry my mod on my hip making it really convenient for me grab my mod and have a quick toke and store it. Seriously I recommend it. Thank you.

    Great quality!

    The belt holster is made of quality material and the clip is great. Just a little bulky. I like having it under my shirt on my belt bit it sticks out too far. Holds my mod really great and no worries with them falling out.